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Success to Bump

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After the heady success of Thursday, Friday evening saw us land with a bump in the Friday Evening League. Away from home at Mill End, John Rankin, Malcolm Alcock and Stuart Stamp ground out a narrow 14-13 win. That one shot margin was insufficient to counter the efforts of a disappointed Malcolm Mackriell, Alan Forse and Paul Stamp on home territory, going down as they did by nine shots - 18-27. The shot difference was -12 and at the time of writing there is no hint as to what the league positions are as there has been no update after our first game.

I will have to make some difficult decisions over teams for the next two games. Please keep an eye on the website for selection details - and remember to let me know when you see that you have been picked.

Peter McNulty'
Aldenham Road
Hertfordshire WD23 2TR

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