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HB Bowls Selections

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Congratulations to our members shown below who will be representing Hertfordshire Bowls or the Hertfordshire Presidents in the matches described:

29th April HB v Berkshire: Paul Stamp, Graham Searle
30th April President v SVP: Don Shilling, Graham Searle, Peter McNulty
12th May HB v Middlesex: Ann Dix, Pat Stamp
14th May President v Own Club: Graham Searle
21st May President v West: Peter McNulty
28th May President v East: Don Shilling, Pat Stamp, Peter McNulty (Match Officer)
30th May HB v Oxfordshire: Ann Dix
31st May HB v Eastern Counties BA: Don Shilling, John Hurley, Peter McNulty (Match Officer)
11th June President v South: Graham Searle
14th June HB v Surrey: Don Shilling, John Hurley, Stuart Stamp, Peter McNulty (Match Officer)
21st June HB v Leicestershire: Brian Mayes, Ken Duncan, Peter McNulty (Match Officer)
22nd June HB v Bedfordshire: Ken Duncan, Peter McNulty
1st July HB v Sussex: Paul Stamp

Well done and good luck to them all
Aldenham Road
Hertfordshire WD23 2TR

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