Friday League Draw - MP Bushey Bowls Club

Metropolitan Police Bushey Bowls Club
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Friday League Draw

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Evening League Draws
Zone 2:               A. Borehamwood, B. Bushey, C. Met Police, D. Herts, E. Mill End, F. Rickmansworth RBL

                 June   2                  A v B           C v D           E v F

                            9                  A v C           B v E            D v F

                            16                A v D           B v F            C v E

                            23                A v E           C v F            B v D

                            30                No Matches

                 July    7                  A v F            B v C            D v E

Winners of Zone 1 versus Winners of Zone 2 will play the Final in greys on Friday 28th July at 5:45pm sharp on a neutral green TBA.
Aldenham Road
Hertfordshire WD23 2TR

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