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FEL v Bushey

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There are those who will say the match against Bushey in the Friday Evening League counted for nothing - it was effectively a dead rubber. Thankfully the six players didn't think like that and having deliberately been picked in positions and in rinks they wouldn't normally be in they gave their all and emerged overall winners by 43-33.

Away at Bushey, our three were pitched against a triple skipped by Dave Dobson. Paul Stamp at lead established firm foundations and was able to give guidance to Ian Hutcheson at 2 and skip John Rankin. They emerged 19-16 up.

On the home front, Stan Matthews at lead, Tony Barr in the middle and the steady hand on the tiller of skip Malcolm Mackriell met a strong triple from Bushey in the form of Mick Smallwood, Mike Whybrow and Geoff Charman. Our three emerged as 24-17 winners.

Well done to all for at least denting the pride of Bushey BC.

Come 2018 we may have to look at how we operate. We can't all play at home and we have all got to be prepared to be in the away leg - work commitments excepted. Additionally, if I am still asked to run the Evening League I will go back to travelling reserves - less jarring on my nerves! Running the Evening League should get easier year on year and I would be delighted if someone who has no other 'job' within the club stepped forward and arranged 8 players for 5 games on fixed dates - not including the final of course.

Thanks to all those who took part this year - and to those who volunteered but not called on.

Peter McNulty
Aldenham Road
Hertfordshire WD23 2TR

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