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Competition Rules

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'Players in both County and Watford & District competitions should not be bamboozled into playing on a rink of their opponent's choice when playing away games. By the same token, when playing at home players should not choose their own rink. Under the laws of bowls and under W&D rules, the skips (or singles players) should draw for rinks from all the available rinks. It should avoid the situation which occurred in the Evening League where the opposing skip turned up last and insisted on playing on a rink with severe fox damage! It will also avoid turning up at a very local club and always being put on Rink 1 because that was the Captain's favourite rink. It happens all the time.

The authority for your right to draw for rinks is contained within 'The Laws of the Sport of Bowls' - Section 1:31 to 1:3.4 and is reinforced by Watford and District League and Competition Rules 8(iv). It is not intended that any 'nasty' situation should be created, but presumably we all want to win in competitions and you are entitled to a level playing field
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